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India is a youth led country, with 70% of people under the age of 40. 34% of India's gross national income comes from young people, but this percentage needs to be increased urgently. Indeed, today's youth are an important resource  not only for the development of economic prosperity, but also for social change. Despite this importance, millennials often face hurdles every day because their energy is not yet directed in the right direction.Youth empowerment in all developments is essential not only for national development throughout the country, but also for individual personal development. With this in mind UVS established a computer and information science institute called ‘Vidarbha Infotech’ in 2010.

Youth empowerment is pursued through the promotion of youth rights, youth activities and  community decision-making. Empowerment is the process of inevitably empowering learners to live a satisfying life for individuals and at the same time to adhere to important values ​​and social ideals. With the rising need for technological literacy UVS is helping India and its youth reach there.

Starting from 2011, as the project grew, UVS also saw a need to develop the technical literacy of socioeconomically disadvantaged students. Through the Vidharba Infotech institute and its projects, we were able to provide free computer training and free courses granting a Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology (MS-CIT) to students below the poverty line. 

Vidarbha Infotech supports self-education and financial independence by providing computer education, vocational training and qualification programs to young students living in rural areas. As part of its entrepreneurial development efforts, UVS has partnered with government officials to introduce  various government startup programs to students in need. In addition, through  youth empowerment activities, you can conduct certification courses, provide guidance on competitive exams, and host entrepreneurship development sessions.

There are several reasons to help youth empowerment reach heights in this country. Empowered helps young people understand the importance of education and empower sectors essential to developing countries such as India. Such skilled young people can donate educational institutions to primary, secondary and even  tertiary institutions. Today, India does not have the right infrastructure for education. This can only be easily achieved by empowerment. 

Each year, more than 400 students take advantage of computer education, including MSCIT / DTP operator certification and a variety of other specialized courses. 4,444 students with financial problems were provided with free guidance on how to prepare for competitive exams, and local students were offered free skill development courses. Thousands of students are our beneficiaries and benefit from this advantage.

Vidarbha Infotech

Sole dependency on agriculture is proving ineffective to farmers. Moreover, a helping hand from women is in demand to tackle the existing farming situation. In continuation from previous years, we have provided vocational training to rural women to start their own ventures and contribute to the family. We offered courses like beauty parlor, bakery production, sewing cloths, lather bag manufacturing, and more to needy Below Powerty Line (BPL) women.

Apart from their need in the agricultural sector, women from Self Help Group (SHG) play a vital role to improve the efficiency of credit systems, to channel financial conclusions, to mobilize the resources, to promote savings and banking habits, to improve the living condition of the poor and to empower their friends and families. With the assistance of the central government’s Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna we have done a remarkable task in SHG formation and it is still going with same enthusiasm.

In addition, through Vidarbha InfoTech, we are providing nonprofit certificate courses such as the Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology (MS-CIT) to needy beneficiaries. We also undertaken courses in Entrepreneurship Development, MITCON, etc. for rural beneficiaries.

Will Win Academy 

Will Win Academy is a UVS led initiative. It is a non-profit, multifaceted coaching institute dedicated to the all-round growth of youths. In alliance with resourceful personnel, we have facilitated all-encompassing educational opportunities for the first time in the District of Washim, India. This includes educational coaching for students in grades 4th to 10th in English language, spoken English, Science, and Mathematics.

Along with academic progress, co-curricular activities for the overall development of students were needed, so we have incorporated Music, Dance, Katthak, Singing, Computer, and Yoga classes. We incorporated also outdoor sports, including Archery, Karate, Kudo and Martial Arts. With our slogan ‘Support, Report and Defend’, we are attempting to provide all of these classes to underprivileged rural students under one roof.