Universal Versatile Society

Our Goals:

UVS focuses on five main domains: clean water, clean air, waste management, biodiversity and renewable energy. Our goal is to educate young people about environmental issues in the domains mentioned above and motivate them to take action and to get involved in environmental protection. 

Weekly Climate Change News

UVS wants to educate interested individuals on the devastating effects of climate change by broadcasting news in an accessible way through a volunteer-run YouTube channel. Our WWCC News YouTube channel reaches global audiences in 10 international languages (English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Ukrainian, Swahili, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, Mandarin), and is supported by 40+ volunteers from the entire globe. UVS has succeeded in disseminating multi-lingual climate updates to the fingertips of a global audience, with the channel receiving hundreds of weekly views. Our work is currently accessible through various social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The entire project is currently working under a volunteering not-for-profit basis. 

Crafting EcoFriendly Ganesh Idols

The “Crafting Eco-Friendly Lord Ganesh Idols Project“ took place in the context of the Green School and Campus Project. Thousands of students were encouraged to find eco-friendly ways to celebrate a popular religious festival celebrating Lord Ganesh. UVS recognized the need for educating the youth on environmental conservation and pollution threats by connecting with religious aspects of their everyday lives. The District’s Education Officer granted UVS permission to lead this environmental conservation project, and schools and colleges were enthusiastic to participate. Now, students are helping to personally make the festival into an eco-friendly event by making biodegradable, environmentally-friendly Ganesh clay idols. Under this project Ganesh Idols were prepared by students with clay and set at their homes for ‘poojan’. During ‘poojan’, idols representing popular deities are prayed over and used for rituals to attract prosperity. At the end of ‘poojan’, idols, oftentimes made with non-biodegradable and toxic materials, are dipped into local waterways and dissolved. Due to the mass scale of this event and the general lack of knowledge about environmental safety and hazards, thousands of families are contributing to environmental pollution unknowingly. The project thus shows how impactful UVS can be at changing community behaviours through education, awareness building, and youth empowerment. 

World Climate Simulations

In the context of the Youth Mobilization program UVS created awareness about Global Warming in various schools and colleges. The World Climate Change Simulation took place in the context of the Youth Mobilization program. UVS conducted the first registered simulation in Samaj Karya Mahavidyalaya Maharashtra and mobilized young people to stand up for environmental conservation, limit on carbon emissions and usage of fossil fuels by conducting seminars on afforestation and reforestation and by promoting training sessions on consequences of climate change in field of agriculture, health, social, economic and education. 

The Green School Green Campus

UVS works together with two local schools (The World School Washim and Mount Carmel English School Washim) and three colleges (Rajasthan Arya College Washim, Saraswati Samaj Karya Vidyalaya Washim and Patil College Risod) by organizing workshops on environment protection. In the two local schools, 1400 students and in the 3 university colleges 1,500 students benefited from the Green School and Campus Project. The „Green School and Campus Project’ is teaching students on how to improve their carbon footprints and encourage others to do so as well. Students have been motivated to write essays and draw posters on the topic of climate protection.