Universal Versatile Society

Our Goals:

Our goal is to promote education and technological solidarity throughout the various communities. Keeping with this line of thinking Universal Versatile Society is working strenuously to provide a holistic learning experience to the underprivileged students at Nagthana to help develop a self-driving force of young minds. 

Public School Rejuvenation

Through the school development project UVS is actively working to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) on education that aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.
While the village's people have higher educational goals for their children, the school has barely changed in the last five years. Several youngsters from the hamlet now attend schools in the city since their parents cannot afford to send them to schools that provide English education. This has resulted in new challenges such as an increase in accidents as children travel to city schools every day, city schools charging high fees but failing to deliver on their promises in terms of education quality, negligence of the village's public primary school and misuse of the school premises for marriage events during school hours, and so on.

Above all, the Zilla Parishad Prathamik Shala Nagthana school is limited by a lack of resources and burdened with administrative chores that are handled by a tiny staff of five instructors and a headmaster. Students continue to be deprived of essential learning resources due to a lack of amenities such as a playground, books, organized interactive activities, and well-maintained infrastructure. This has resulted in substandard education, reduced attendance, and a transfer to city schools, resulting in a stall of Nagthana's general development owing to brain drain.

Volunteers from the University of Cambridge, Queen Mary University of London, IIM Kozhikode, and TERI School of Advanced Studies, among others, make up our highly ambitious and skilled team, which is dedicated to achieving the above-mentioned goals.

The village's youth are passionately participating in carrying out project activities, with guidance from the organization's founder and project team members. Teachers are being trained, meetings with stakeholders are being held, and resources such as books are being collected in preparation for the school's transfer. Students and teachers will benefit most from the initiative since they will have access to current resources that will make learning more enjoyable and enriching. The nearby communities will receive new business as a result of the school initiative. This will help boost community pride as the village's model school.

Computer Awareness Program for Schools

At UVS we aim to provide computer literacy to everyone. The purpose of our CAP4SCHOOL is to make  students sensitive to computers, technical equipment and information and communication technology  (ICT). To achieve the project goals, we  arranged project activities such as computer education (extended to robotics), app development, and student participation  in various software contests. 

The program ran from 2014 to 2019, with a total budget of less than 1 Indian Rupee, UVS was able to achieve something that everyone could benefit from before the pandemic. As part of the CAP4SCHOOL project, we  continue to teach and train local students about computers. Three students demonstrated their excellence in the “Microsoft Office Specialist Competition” by winning bronze and silver medals at the All India National Championships. Some remarkable achievements of this project consist of-